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Topics in the History of Science and Technology: The Darwinian Revolution

HST 496/586, professor Nathan Crowe, Spring 2020

Special Collections

Randall Library's Special Collections contains some early editions of Darwin's books, as well rare books on evolution, eugenics, and other Darwinian Revolution issues. To use Special Collections materials, search their catalog and then contact Special Collections staff to make an appointment.

Searching Randall Library

You can use the library catalog to find both secondary and primary sources. Go to and type in the topic or author you are interested in. If you are looking for books that contain primary sources, try including terms such as "documentary," "sources," or something like "correspondence" if you would like a specific type of source. From there, you can use the subject headings to find additional books containing useful evidence. For example, the subject heading "Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882 -- Influence" alone contains 43 items. Below are just a few examples. We have many more useful books on these topics.