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Practice of History: Fascism and Antifascism

HST 290, Michael Seidman, Fall 2016

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The library catalog uses Library of Congress Subject Headings. The list of authorized subject headings is available online from the Library of Congress Classification/Subject Headings database. However, you can also start with keyword searches to gather some relevant titles, then look at their subject headings to discover the official terms to use.

Search Tips:

  • Case does not matter. Punctuation marks are not needed.
  • Keyword searches will likely retrieve something on your subject. This type of search looks in practically all parts of the catalog record, and is the only way to access the data in the Contents Notes field of records. However, if you are not using the terms catalogers use to identify a subject, keyword searches may actually retrieve fewer items than a subject search.
  • Subject searches use a controlled vocabulary, bring more consistency to searches and organizing records by subtopics. Library of Congress Subject Headings are used in both the local catalog and in WorldCat. Even if Randall Library does not have books listed in the catalog under these headings, you will find them in WorldCat (and perhaps in other databases using LC Subject Headings.)

The Library of Congress Subject Headings for Fascism and Antifascism are:


Anti-fascist movements


Under countries as subjects, you will find many chronologic subdivisions corresponding to major events in that country's history.  You will also find separate headings for specific events. 



Also consider keyword searches on personal names relevant to the fascism and antifascism. Typically, names are entered with the last name first, e.g., Mussolini, Benito. Do both Author and Subject searches to find books by and about the individual.