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Global Trade Since 1450

HST 495/595

Get Started: Suggested Resources

You can find more resources in the tabs menu, but below is a short list of some of the top go-to resources for this course.

Recommended Database

Recommended Primary Sources

Recommended Article Databases

These databases also contain other secondary sources, such as thesis's, conference proceedings, book chapters, and more

Recommended Websites

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When searching the library catalog for books, you can start with a general keyword search. Then, look at the records retrieved with your keyword search and examine the Subject Heading section of the records. These will help you find more useful books! 

Some useful headings for your topic may include:

Commerce -- History
International trade -- History
Mercantile system
Trade routes
[names of trading companies], e.g., East India Company
[product] industry, e.g., Textile industry
[product] trade, e.g., Spice trade