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PAR 205: American Philosophy

Course number: PAR 205

Get Started: Suggested Resources

You can find more resources in the tabs menu, but below is a short list of some of the top go-to resources for this course.

Recommended Databases

You can use the databases below to find scholarly journal articles related to American philosophy.

Search for Books

Use the search box below to look for books, videos, journals, and other items held in Randall Library's collections. Note that this search can't be used to find journal articles--for that you'll need to either use a database or go to the library's main search at

Search by:

Because the language of philosophy is not precise, you will want to try keyword searches on the concepts you are researching. Retrieve words with variant endings by using an *. For example, intellect* retrieves records containing any of the following words: intellect, intellectual, intellectuals, intellectualism. Then, look at the subject headings field of the records that seem relevant to discover new terms to search. Basic subject headings to use when searching for materials related to your project on American philosophy and scientific research are:

For the project on anti-intellectualism, try:

For the final project, try:

If you know of specific philosophers who wrote about the topics you are researching, search their names (last name first) as authors and as subjects. To find even more, search the name as a keyword. This will also retrieve books in which the name appears in the contents notes of book or video records.


When you find a useful resource, be sure to check its bibliography for additional resources. This technique will often find new information sources that even the most complete online searches miss. Then, when you go to those resources, look in their bibliographies for even more.

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