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Bassoon Resource Page

Get Started: Suggested Resources

You can find more resources in the tabs menu, but below is a short list of some of the top go-to resources for this course.

Recommended Databases

Recommended Books

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Use the search box below to look for books, videos, journals, and other items held in Randall Library's collections. Note that this search can't be used to find journal articles--for that you'll need to either use a database or go to the library's main search at

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Below are general call number ranges for Shelf Browsing.

M75-M79 - Bassoon alone
M253-M254 - Bassoon with piano accompaniment
M288-M289 - Duets—with another wind instrument
M290-M291 - Duets—with a string instrument
M296-M297 - Duets—bassoon with guitar, harp
M1026 - Concertos with orchestra
M1027 - Concertos with orchestra (arranged)
M1126 - Concertos with string orchestra
M1127 - Concertos with string orchestra (arranged)
ML950 - Books about the bassoon
MT400-MT408 - Studies and methods for bassoon
MT406 - Orchestral excerpts

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