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Career Resources

This guide will introduce you to tools for finding background information and scholarly sources for your career paper.

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To find background information, such as industry reports and professional associations in your career field, visit the Background Information tab. To find scholarly sources for your career paper, check out the box below.

Scholarly Sources

It can be tricky to find scholarly sources that are useful for a research assignment about your future career. Most scholarly, peer-reviewed articles are conducting original research in their field, not writing about career paths. 

One way to incorporate scholarly sources into a career paper is to find recent scholarly articles in your field.  These articles can serve as examples of the type of research you might conduct in that career, of changes / challenges facing the profession, and more.  

To find recent scholarly articles in your field, follow these steps:

  1. First, brainstorm a topic in your field that interests you. For example, if you want to work as a marine biologist, you may be interested in coral reef conservation.
  2. Enter that search into Randall Library's homepage search.
    1. On the initial results page, click on "See all results" under the initial Scholarly Article Results. 
    2. Once you have opened all the Scholarly Article results, use the filters on the left to narrow your results down by Date and by Discipline.
    3. Need help? Check out this video about advanced searching in the library homepage search.
  3. Didn't see any promising articles in the homepage search? Try another database recommended for your discipline