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How to Use the ScanPro 2000

Identifying the Parts of the ScanPro 2000

We have one ScanPro 2000 Microform Machine on the first floor near the Library Help Desk.

Before entering the basic controls of the microform program, first let us become familiar with the basic components of the machine:

ScanPro 2000 Microform Machine

The most essential component of the machine is the Fiche Carrier Handle. From here, the user can manually shift the film in order to properly arrange it upon the screen. Although the program offers many automatic options for film movement, never forget that the film can be adjusted by the carrier handle.

Loading Microfilm

To load the microfilm, pull the carrier handle outwards until the glass slate opens wide to about a 45 degree angle. From here, a diagram should appear on the screen, displaying the proper way to load a film reel. The diagram is shown below.

***NOTE: All film rotation is CLOCKWISE***

ScanPro Load Microfilm

To load a positive/negative fiche, simply place the film underneath the glass slate. Once any of the three types of film are loaded properly, push the handle carrier back under the lens.

Getting Started

Check for a small green power light on the front of the scanner. If no light, turn on power switch at back right rear of the scanner.

  • Login using your Campus Username/Password. (without
    • Public/Community Members, see librarian at the Research Help Desk (1st floor)

Start PowerScan program by double-clicking ScanPro icon Red E icon

Loading Microform

Pull tray forward until the upper glass lifts.

  • Film: a diagram will appear in the software illustrating how to load film
  • Fiche: load between glass plates

Once loaded, push tray in until microform appears on screen.

Movement Controls

Fiche: move tray in the desired direction to view different pages

Film: there are a few ways to advance/rewind microfilm:

  • Motorized Roll Film Control

A: CLICK and drag for low speed film movement
B: CLICK and hold for Fast or High Speed film movement. (High Speed, be sure to pull carrier forward to open glass)
C: DOUBLE CLICK for high speed rewind (be sure to pull carrier forward to open glass)

View Controls

AUTOMATIC FILM MOVEMENT, Click FORWARD and BACK arrows to move to the next image (this does not always advance exactly one page). Click the button to ScanPro Icon orange X Stop.  

FILM TYPE, switch between negative & positive.  

ZOOM, CLICK AZ to auto-zoom or CLICK & hold down – or + to zoom in or out.  

MAGNIFIER, CLICK to open window. CLICK ScanPro icon blue down arrow to select magnification.  

ROTATE 90, rotate image 90 degrees.  

FILM ORIENTATION, CLICK to rotate the camera 90 degrees to match the orientation of image on the film.  

AUTO ADJUST, includes Straighten, Crop, Contrast, Brightness.  

MANUAL STRAIGHTEN, CLICK – or + buttons to manually rotate/straighten the image.  

MIRROR, if image is backwards, CLICK to reverse.  

Image Adjustment

FULLY AUTOMATIC, Straighten, Crop, Contrast, Brightness. Use individual buttons below if FULLY AUTOMATIC does not display. CROP, CLICK and hold the green frame to manually adjust.  Auto Straighten buttonBrightness buttonContrast button

FOCUS, default is Auto Focus, but you can use + and – to manually focus.  Focus button

EDIT SELECTED IMAGE AREA (spot-light), affects only the selected area. CLICK the pencil tool to draw around the area to be edited. Adjust brightness and contrast, select erase or redact. CLICK X to restore.  Spot Edit buttonSpot Edit Tools button

Output Format

SCAN MODE, CLICK to toggle: 1. Enhanced Gray scale (recommended). 2. Gray scale. 3. Black & White.  Scan Mode button

SCAN RESOLUTION, CLICK the down arrow to select resolution. 300DPI is recommended.  Scan Resolution button

SCAN SIZE, CLICK the down and up arrows to change the image size (the dimensions are shown on the Crop Box). CLICK AS to auto size to the paper size (normal mode).  Scan Size button with arrows

Saving & Printing

SCAN to Drive #2, Insert USB Drive, then CLICK to save the image within the green crop box to the USB Drive.  Scan USB button

SCAN to Drive #1, CLICK to save the image within the green crop box to the “My Scans” folder. Be sure to select file type (.PDF, .JPEG, etc.).  Scan to Drive #1 button

PRINT #1 (iPrint BW Single Sided), CLICK to send the image within the green crop box to the Printer. Public/Community Members cannot use this feature.  Print 1 button with printer

Compatible Types of Microfilm

Compatible Types of fiche and film button