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MUS 118: History of Rock

Search for Books

Use the search box below to look for books, videos, journals, and other items held in Randall Library's collections. Note that this search can't be used to find journal articles--for that you'll need to either use a database or go to the library's main search at

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Searching for Scores in the Library's Catalog

After searching the Library Catalog using a composer's name (author) or by the title of a work or a keyword, use the Limit/Sort button at the top of the page, then choose MUSIC SCORE in the Material Type box.

Where to Look in the Library

While searching for music items in the stacks on the second floor, keep this in mind:

     M = the music itself (i.e. scores, printed music, recordings)
     ML = books about music history and literature
     MT = books about music theory, music education, and instruction and study (including many method books)

Liner Notes

CD and DVD liner notes are a great place to find information on an artist, bands, or their work.  We have a number of CDs and DVDs in our collection.


Our Find Music & Audiobooks webpage makes it easy to find CDs based on an album title, artist/band name, year/time period, or genre.

Or, you can search our library collection with these recommended keywords:

  • Rock music 
  • 1950'S-2010's

CD's are located on the second floor of Randall Library. View map.


We also have a number of DVDs on rock music, rock musicians and rock bands.  To find these, try searching for "rock music" on our Find Videos & DVDs webpage.