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Library of Congress Classification System: Music

Library of Congress Classification System: Music

Music, General including scores
ML Literature about music
MT Music instruction and study

M 1-5000       Instrumental Music : Solo and Small Ensembles 

M1 .A1-1.A15 Music copied or printed in manuscript in the United States or the colonies before 1860
M1 .A5-2.3 Collections
M2-2.3   Collections of musical sources
M3-3.3 Collected works of individual composers  
M3.3   First editions
M5-1490 Instrumental music  
M6-175.5   Solo instruments
M176   Instrumental music for motion pictures
M176.5   Instrumental music for radio and television
M177-990   Music for two or more solo instruments
M180-298.5     Duets
M300-386     Trios
M400-486     Quartets
M500-586     Quintets
M600-686     Sextets
M700-786     Septets
M800-886     Octets
M900-986     Nonets and larger combinations of purely chamber music
M990     Chamber music for instruments of the 18 century and earlier


M 1-1490       Instrumental Music : Orchestra, Band and Beyond

M1000-1075   Orchestra
M1100-1160   String Orchestra
M1200-1269   Band
M1270   Fife (bugle) and drum music, field music, etc.
M1350-1353   Reduced Orchestra
M1356-1356.2   Dance orchestra and instrumental ensembles
M1360   Mandolin and similar orchestras of plucked instruments
M1362   Accordion band
M1363   Steel band
M1365   Minstrel music
M1366   Jazz ensembles
M1375-1420   Instrumental music for children
M1450   Dance music
M1470   Chance competitions
M1473   Electronic music
M1480   Music with color or light apparatus
M1490   Music printed before 1700 or copied in manuscript before 1700


M1494-2199    Vocal music  

M1497-1498   Secular vocal music
M1500-1527.8     Dramatic music
M1528-1529.5     Duets, trios, etc., for solo voices
M1530-1546.5     Choruses with orchestra or other ensemble
M1547-1600     Choruses, part songs, etc., with accompaniment with keyboard or other solo instrument or unaccompanied
M1608     Choruses, etc., in tonic sol-fa notation
M1609     Unison choruses
M1610     Cantatas, choral symphonies, etc., for unaccompanied chorus (secular and sacred) with or without solo voices
M 1611-1624.8     Songs
M1625-1626     Recitations with music
M1627-1853     National music
M1900-1978     Songs (part and solo) of special character
M1985     Musical games
M1900-1998     Secular music for children

M1999-2199   Sacred vocal music

M1999     Collections
M2000-2007     Oratorios
M2010-2017.6     Services
M2018-2019.5     Duets, trios, etc. for solo voices
M2020-2036     Choruses, cantatas, etc.
M2060-2101.5     Choruses, part songs, etc., with accompaniment of keyboard or other solo instrument, or unaccompanied
M2102-2114.8     Songs
M2115-2146     Hymnals.  Hymn collections
M2147-2188     Liturgy and ritual
M2147-2155.6       Roman Catholic Church
M2156-2160.87       Orthodox churches
M2161-2183       Protestant churches
M2184       Other Christian churches
M2186-2187       Jewish
M2188       Other non-Christian churches

M2190-2196     Sacred vocal music for children
M2198-2199     Gospel, revival, temperance, etc. songs

M5000   Unidentified compositions


ML1-3930        Literature on music  

ML25-28 Societies on music
ML 32-33 Institutions
ML35-38 Festivals.  Congresses
ML40-44 Programs
ML47-54.8 Librettos.  Scenarios
ML62-90 Special aspects.  Including writings of musicians
ML93-96.5 Manuscripts, autographs, etc.
ML100-109 Dictionaries.  Encyclopedias
ML110-111.5 Music librarianship
ML112-112.5 Music printing and publishing
ML112.8-158.8 Bibliography

ML113-118   International
ML120   National
ML132   Graded lists.  By medium
ML135   Manuscripts
ML136-158   Catalogs.  Discography
ML158.4-158.6   Video recordings
ML158.8   Computer software
ML159-3775 History and criticism  
ML162-197   Special periods
ML162-169     Ancient
ML169.8-190     Medieval.  Renaissance
ML193-197     1601-

ML198-360   By region or country

ML198-239     America
ML240-325     Europe
ML330-345     Asia
ML348     Arab countries
ML350     Africa
ML360     Australia, Oceania

ML385-429   Biography
ML430-455   Composition
ML459-1380   Instruments and instrumental music

ML465-471     By period
ML475-547     By region or country
ML475-486       America
ML489-522       Europe
ML525-541       Asia
ML544       Africa
ML547       Australia, Oceania
ML548     Jews  
ML549-1093     Instruments  
ML549.8-649       Organ
ML649.8-747       Piano, clavichord, harpsichord, etc.
ML749.5-927       Bowed string instruments
ML929-990       Wind instruments
ML999-1015       Plucked instruments
ML1030-1049       Percussion instruments
ML1049.8-1091       Mechanical and other instruments
ML1091.8-1093       Electronic instruments
ML1100-1165     Chamber music  
ML1200-1270     Orchestra  
ML1299-1354     Band  

ML1379-1380   Electronic music.  Computer music
ML1400-3275   Vocal music

ML1499-1554     Choral music
ML1600-2888     Secular vocal music
ML2900-3275     Sacred vocal music

ML3300-3354   Program music
ML3400-3465   Dance music
ML3469-3541   Popular music
ML3544-3775   National music
ML3800-3923 Philosophy and physics of music  
ML3845-3877   Aesthetics
ML3880-3915   Criticism
ML3928-3930 Literature for children  

MT1-960        Musical instruction and study  

ML1-5 History and criticism
MT5.5-7 Music theory
MT20-32 Special methods
MT40-67 Composition.  Elements and techniques of music

MT58-67   Forms

MT68 Improvisation.  Accompaniment.  Transposition.
MT70-74 Instrumentation and orchestration

MT73   Band

MT90-146 Analysis and appreciation of musical works

MT95-100   Opera, ballet, etc.
MT110-115   Oratorios, cantatas, etc.
MT125-130   Orchestral music
MT140-145   Chamber and solo instrumental music
MT146   Popular music

MT170-810 Instrumental techniques

MT180-198   Organ

MT192     Electronic keyboard instruments

MT200-208   Reed organ
MT220-255   Piano
MT259-338   String instruments

MT260-279.7     Violin
MT280-298     Viola
MT300-318     Violoncello
MT320-334     Double bass

MT339-533   Wind instruments

MT340-359     Flute
MT360-379     Oboe
MT380-392     Clarinet (A, Bb, C, Eb, etc.)
MT400-415     Bassoon
MT418     Brass instruments
MT420-432     Horn
MT440-456     Trumpet
MT460-472     Trombone
MT480-488     Tuba
MT500-510     Saxophone

MT539-654   Plucked instruments

MT540-557     Harp
MT560-570     Banjo
MT580-599     Guitar
MT600-612     Mandolin
MT620-634     Zither
MT640-654     Lute, balalaika, etc.

MT655-725   Percussion and other instruments
MT728-728.3   Chamber music
MT730   Orchestra
MT733-733.6   Band
MT740-810   Instrumental technique for children
MT820-915 Singing and voice technique  
MT825-850   Systems and methods
MT855-883   Special techniques
MT898-915   Techniques for children
MT918-948 School music  
MT955-956 Musical theater

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