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Plant Family Information

Objective: Despite perceived ubiquitous access to information via Google and other popular search engines, access to trustworthy and/or peer-reviewed scholarly/scientific literature remains problematic. And with multiple systems for accessing information,

Reviews and Important Journals

  1. American Journal of Botany
  2. American Scientist
  3. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden
  4. Annual Review of Plant Biology
  5. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology
  6. The Botanical Review
  7. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society
  8. Current Opinion in Plant Biology
  9. International Journal of Plant Sciences
  10. Journal of Experimental Botany
  11. Journal of Phycology
  12. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society
  13. Natural History
  14. New Phytologist
  15. New Scientist
  16. Photosynthesis Research
  17. Phytologia
  18. Phytopathology
  19. Plant and Cell Physiology
  1. Plant Cell
  2. Plant Cell and Environment
  3. Plant Ecology
  4. Plant Engineering
  5. Plant Journal
  6. Plant Molecular Biology
  7. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter
  8. Plant Physiology
  9. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
  10. Plant Science: an International Journal
    of Experimental Plant Biology
  11. Plant Science Bulletin
  12. Plant Science Letters
  13. Plant Species Biology
  14. Plant Systematics and Evolution
  15. SIDA, Contributions in Botany
  16. Systematic Botany
  17. Taxon
  18. Trends in Plant Science