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COM 200 : Research Methods

Search Strategies for Selected Databases

Demonstrate your mastery of quantitative research design by drafting a research proposal that is either a survey or experiment.  At least one variable in your study must be a communication variable.  You can propose a scholarly study similar to those in our journals or an applied study such as might be done for a specific organization (profit or not-for-profit).

Type in the following in search box #1: "measur* or assessment or questionnaire or survey or scale." Type in your research topic in box #2 for a combined search.

Select the "tests & measurements" field from the drop-down box.

Look in the appendices of dissertations to find copies of surveys or questionnaires. Include the words "test," "survey," or "questionnaire" in your search along with the term you are measuring. For example: procrastination and (test or survey or questionnaire). For more precise searching, go to advanced search to search by Abstract. Scroll to the end of the pdf to look in the appendices.