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COM 334 : Message Design

COM 334 - Message Design

COM 500: Target Market Assignment

Using secondary market research, identify the current customer groups for craft beer. Include demographics (age, gender, income, education, etc.). Additionally, include (as you are able to determine through available research) psychographics, geographics and behavioristic profiles. As you use that information, you may also want to consider who the noncustomer groups are. What makes them different and why don’t they consume craft beer? Being able to identify customer and noncustomer groups, and what is important to them, will help you to design audience relevant messaging.

Demographic Data Resources

Below are resources containing demographic data on the national, state and local level.

Polling Data Resources

Below are sources containing opinion and polling data on various topics.

Market Research Resources

Below is a list of resources relating to Market Research. You may need to search using varying forms of your industry.

Keyword Examples: Craft beer or beer or alcoholic beverage.

Recommended Websites