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UNCW Web Archive

This guide shows you how to find information in the Web Archive, including university-related publications, regional and community websites, library digital exhibits, and the evolving online presence of the University of North Carolina Wilmington.


  1. Navigate to the UNCW Web Archive which lists collections by title. 
  2. Tap on a collection title to see a list of all the websites archived within that collection. From here you can choose a URL to see that web page from different points in time.
  3. In the next phase of the UNCW Web Archive project, you will have the option to narrow your results by creator, subject, or location by selecting from facets on the left side of the screen.


You can search all of the UNCW Web Archive or choose an individual collection of websites to limit your search. Enter keywords at the top of the page, underneath the UNCW William Madison Randall Library logo to begin your search. Please be patient as this can be slow!

Any results for your search will be displayed, sorted by the closest match. Results include archived websites in the “Sites” Tab,  if any, and matches from the full-text of pages in archived sites in the “Search Page Text” tab.

Advanced searching can be done to the left of the search results, where additional search terms and facets can be combined.

Example of a search for the Thirsty Tome event by Randall Library


Image of a search for thirsty tome

This  is an example of a search for "Thirsty Tome," a library event. The phrase was found in the text of several webpages. The search was in the entire UNCW Web Archive, but all returned hits came from the "UNCW Websites" collection.

Searching by URL

You  may also enter a specific website, which can be useful if looking for previous versions of a known web page on the live web or a defunct  website. In the same search bar at the top of your page, enter your URL and click the search button.  For this search, there are results under both tabs: "Sites" and "Search Page Text." Note that search results are in two collections--"UNCW Websites" and "Journals, Publications, and Magazines."

Search Results - "Sites"

Image of search results for URL-sites

Search Results - "Search Page Text"

Image of Search Results for URL

Alternative: Enter Archive-It link plus URL into Web Browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Copy and Paste into Browser*/

and then enter WEBSITE URL


This pulls up the same results as shown in the two screen shots under the heading on this guide:

Searching by URL

The WayBack Machine

To find websites that have been captured by the Wayback Machine combined with those in UNCW's Web Archive, enter the following into a Web Browser

  •*/and then WEBSITE URL

For example

    You will find UNCW Faculty Senate websites from the years 2001-Present. UNCW's Web Archive does not go back that far.

OR, simply enter the URL in the Wayback Machine to view the same results.