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FIN 442

Finding Case Studies in Randall Library Databases


Within Randal Library database you can find case studies in journals aimed academic or professional audiences.

Search tips

  • Check the Advanced Search options to see if you can filter your search by Case Study or Case Studies.  This might be under Document Type or Subjects.
  • In the search results list look for options to refine by Case Study.  This might be to the right or left of the results.
  • Add "case stud*" or "case report" to your search term if you can't see the above two options.

Business Source Ultimate 

You can find case studies in Business Source Ultimate by following the directions below:

1.  Enter search term(s) in box(es).

2.  Use menu arrows under Document Type to select Case Study


Accessing Harvard Business Review (HBR) cases via Business Source Ultimate

Step 1: Click on the link below to access HBR via Business Source Ultimate

Step 2:  Click on publications Publications

Step 3:  Type "Harvard Business Review" in the second search box to browse titles

Step 4:  Select Harvard Business Review from the list

Step 5:  Click "Search within this publication"

Step 6:  Type "cases" in the second search box

Purchasing Cases

Academic publishers and business schools generally do not sell business cases to libraries. Instead, they sell them directly to students, faculty and other customers. Randall Library does not have subscriptions to or access to the subscribed content of the following sources.  Contact the publishers and buy individual cases directly from them.