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Find Funding Opportunities

To support members of the university community in their search for financial support for their research. UNCW's SPARC office ( is also available to help you at all stages of the funding process, including proposal development and s

Get Support at UNCW

Grant Management


UNCW's Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance (SPARC) is available to help you at all stages of the funding process, including proposal development and submission. 

Starting Fall 2022, SPARC will be offering a series of recurring training opportunities to help you with the grant process. Visit the SPARC website for more details:

  • OSPREY 101--how to use Online Sponsored Programs Electronic Routing System (OSPREY), where you submit grant applications
  • Drop-in Virtual Office Hours for receiving feedback (besides individual consultations)
  • Budget Support Sessions--components of developing a budget for grant applications
  • Get SPARC'Ed--grant workshop series on various topics related to funding opportunities
  • SPARC email listserv--receive updates via email critical to funded research

Keyword and Literature Search

Find Your Librarian

If you need more specialized subject-area assistance in locating funding opportunities (such as identifying keywords that would be used in funding databases), contact your liaison librarian.

Liaison librarians are research experts and, in collaboration with SPARC, can help you search for foundations and locate and use funding databases.

Liaison librarians are also happy to partner with you as co-principal investigators by working on literature reviews for your funding proposals.

Data Sharing / Data Management Plan

Data Management Plans are typically required in grant applications. Refer to the "Data Management" guide from the library for specialized support on writing a Data Management Plan.

Funding Databases at UNCW

UNCW provides access to InfoEd Global, a database of funding opportunities. You will need to request a profile from the SPARC office to access the database. 

For more, including access to internal funding opportunities via InfoReady, see SPARC's Funding Opportunities page.

Federal Government Opportunities

A link to a central funding search is posted below, but you will probably also want to regularly check on the websites of federal agencies that are of greatest relevance to your research. I am listing several of the largest below. You can check for an alphabetical listing of federal agencies to find others. is a mechanism that allows you to search across federal government agencies for funding opportunities.

North Carolina State Government Opportunities

Funding opportunities provided by state government agencies can be hard to find, and each state does it a little differently. Below are some resources specifically for North Carolina.

Foundations and Associations

Individual foundations and associations often offer funding opportunities, but they can be challenging to locate. The New Hanover County Public Library provides access to several foundation directories, but you need to be in the building to use them. Below are a few other options. Also, remember that membership organizations, such as academic associations, often offer funding opportunities on their websites.

For Graduate Students