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How To Use The Minolta Microfilm Machine


  1. Turn on power switch on right side of machine.
  2. Pull tray towards you and all the way to the right.  Push tray in until it clicks.  Lighted display window should say “roll.” 
  3. Make sure the film size selector is on 35mm.
  4. Push green button on left to open the pinch roller gate.
  5. Push the roll of microfilm onto the left spindle with the film coming off the top of the roll.  It’s important to push the roll all the way onto the spindle until it clicks into place.
  6. Feed the film into the light green guide.  You will see the film go beneath the glass gate under the lens.  Push the film about 6 more inches, so that it can engage on the take-up reel inside the machine.
  7. Close the pinch roller gate back down (see #4 above).
  8. Push the Load/Rew button next to the lighted display window.  Lighted display should change from “roll” to “0000.”
  9. Adjust the scan lever on the left to center the film image on the screen.
  10. If the film image is sideways or upside-down, you can rotate the image using the gray knob at the bottom right corner of the viewing screen.
  11. Turn the Fwd/Rev directional knob on the right to advance or rewind film.  Lighted display counter will update.
  12. To focus:  Use the small blue ring on the lens to zoom all the way in on the image.  Adjust the large gray ring on the lens to focus the image.  Use the small blue ring again to zoom out on the image until it fits in the frame on the viewscreen.  There are additional lenses with different magnifications available.
  13. To print: Align image in center of screen.  Choose positive or negative film type.  Put dime in coin box.  Press green print button.  Printer is located below microfilm reader.
  14. To rewind the film, press the Load/Rew button next to the lighted display window or turn the Fwd/Rev knob counter-clockwise.