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Queer Reads

Great leisure reading books in our collection with LGTBQIA+ characters and themes!

About This Guide

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How to Use the Queer Reads Guide:

Welcome! The books in this guide are some of our favorite leisure reads featuring major LGBTQ+ characters and themes. All the books in this guide are available here in Randall Library!

Looking for something sci fi? Fantasy? Memoir? Try browsing the genre tabs to the left to see books in the category you're interested in. (Scroll down on this page for general fiction, there's a lot!)

Want to read a book that features a specific queer identity or orientation? Take a look at the tags we've added to each description to indicate the major identities represented in each book.

Additionally, if there's a book you LOVE and think should be on this list, or that should be in our collection but isn't, reach out by contacting the guide owner on the left!

General Fiction

Historical Fiction