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What Is Scholars@UNCW?

Scholars@UNCW is designed to showcase the scholarship and research activities of current UNCW faculty, to share areas of research expertise, and to connect faculty and researchers with common interests to each other. The system is an implementation of VIVO, a member-supported, open source software and an ontology for representing scholarship. Randall Library developed and maintains the implementation for UNCW, in collaboration with other offices including Institutional Research and Planning and the Office of Research and Innovation. Scholars@UNCW draws directly on data entered into Watermark Faculty Success.

What can Scholars@UNCW do for me?

Scholars@UNCW can display your scholarly work, visualize co-author networks and Altmetrics, and make your profile as a scholar discoverable to the community, allowing for increased opportunities for you to collaborate, communicate the impact of your research, and browse the work on other researchers on campus.

Updating your Scholars@UNCW profile is done through Watermark Faculty Success. While Scholars@UNCW will only display published research and presentations recorded in Watermark Faculty Success, Watermark Faculty Success also includes fields to record service and professional development activities and can generate a CV based on the information you input. 

Since Scholars@UNCW is intended to highlight the work of UNCW scholars, it does not include information about external co-authors.

Finding Scholars@UNCW

Scholars@UNCW is accessible at

Scholars@UNCW homepage

Using Scholars@UNCW

The main search bar on the site homepage allows you to search by faculty name, events (including conferences and community events), organizations, research (including topics, keywords, titles, etc.), and geographic location. Scrolling down the homepage gives more search functions, including research by format (article, book, etc.), department, and search category.

Individual researcher profiles can contain research and teaching overviews, citations of research outputs, publicly available UNCW contact information, a co-author network of UNCW-affiliated authors, and a similar co-investigator network.

Searching by department will allow you to see a list of people in that department as well as a graph of publications broken down by time and reseacher.

Searching a research keyword will return all results containing that keyword, which can then be further refined on the results page.