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FNA 101 - Cultures of the World Through Music and Dance

Get Started: Suggested Resources

You can find more resources in the tabs menu, but below is a short list of some of the top go-to resources for this course.

Recommended Databases

Using online databases

In order to find scholarly journal or popular magazine articles, you need to search the online databases.  Most often, the full text of the articles you find will be available in the databases. If not, however, do a “Journal Title” search in the Library Catalog on the name of the journal, magazine, or newspaper from which the article was published. The catalog will tell you if the library owns the issue you need.

Sample Search Strategies for the Databases

  • aboriginal AND animism
  • powwow AND dance AND ("native american" OR "american indian")
  • "latin america" AND dance
  • yodel AND (switzerland OR "swiss alps")
  • bali AND music
  • indonesia AND dance AND wome
  • "'west africa" AND (vodun OR vodou) AND music

Recommended Streaming & Audio and Video Databases

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