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Annotated Bibliography

An Introduction to Annotated Bibliographies

Reviewing and Revising Annotated Bibliographies

Content: Does it cover your topic fairly completely? Are all major points of view represented and/or identified? If not, do you inform your reader in the introduction, title, or otherwise?

Style: Are your comments consistent in voice, tone, level of language? Is the bibliography well organized? Does it follow a logical sequence, whether organized alphabetically, informationally, chronologically, or otherwise?

Form: Are your comments grammatically correct? Spelling? Punctuation? Is your work organized, spaced and punctuated accurately and consistently, according to the style manual you are using?

Overall: Would your bibliography be helpful to someone who wanted to find out which materials might give a good representation of the information available on this specific topic (within the limits you have defined)? Would you find it useful in writing a paper on this topic?