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First-Year, Transfer, and Honors Seminars: Research Strategies

This guide provides additional resources for the information literacy modules in UNI 101, UNI 201, and HON 110, for both students and instructors.


Welcome to UNCW, new Seahawks!

This guide is intended to assist you with each step in the research process for your research assignments. Use the menu on the left to navigate to the step in the research process you are working on. For UNI students, these are organized by each piece of your information literacy portfolio. For HON students, take a look at the descriptions below each module to identify which step you want more information on:

  • Module 1: Inquire & Explore
    • Developing/refining a research question, building background knowledge on a topic, and developing an effective search strategy to begin finding sources
  • Module 2: Examine
    • Fact-checking online information, evaluating what makes a source good for your project, and identifying popular sources
  • Module 3: Identify & Analyze
    • Identifying scholarly articles, understanding peer review, and using library resources effectively
  • Module 4: Citations & Plagiarism
    • Using information ethically, creating a bibliography, and understanding different citation styles

In addition, this guide also includes additional resources for research support, writing/citations, and conducting research in your major.

If you have any questions, please reach out! I am here to offer guidance in preparing for college-level research, completing your research assignments, and building your information literacy skills. You can find multiple ways to contact me in the Information Literacy Librarian box on the left.

-- Brittany O'Neill, Information Literacy Librarian


UNI/HON Instructors: visit the For Instructors tab for additional resources and guidance on using the lesson plans and teaching information literacy in the first-year classroom.