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Data Management


Use the UNCW-affiliated resource DMPTool with funder Data Management Plan templates and guidance.

To receive feedback on your DMP, click the Request Feedback button in your application in DMPTool, or email Lynnee Argabright, Research Data Librarian, at

Trainings at UNCW:

  • Data Management Using DMP Tool--Spring 2022 (PPT Slides)
  • Complying with NIH Data Management and Sharing 2023 Policy--Fall 2022 (PPT Slides / Recording)

What are Data Management Plans?

Data management plans (DMP) document how research data will be collected, organized, stored and maintained. DMPs require some thought and preparation in advance, but increase the long-term utility of the data. The following outline offers guidance on some of the basic questions that a DMP should answer. 

  • Description: What data will be collected? What are the size and format of the data? How will the data be documented to make the data more discoverable and comprehensible to you and your research partners in the future? What metadata standards will be followed? If another researcher generated the data, document the source.
  • Storage: Where will the data be stored? How will the files be organized and named? What are the back-up procedures?
  • Preservation: How long should the data be retained? What tools and software are required to read the data?
  • Policies for Access, Data Sharing, and Re-use: Will others have access to the data, and if so, by whom? Will the entire data set be available or a subset? When will it be accessible? If sharing the data raises privacy or ethical concerns, what is the remediation plan? Will re-use, redistribution, or the creation of derivative works be allowed?
  • Dissemination: Will you use UNCW's institutional repository, Seahawk DOCKS, to make the data accessible or a discipline-specific repository?
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Who will be responsible for managing the data? Who holds the intellectual rights to the data?

The websites below provide useful templates, checklists, examples, and other resources for developing a data management plan:

Trainings at UNCW:

  • Tips for Writing an Effective Data Management Plan--Spring 2022 (Recording link)

Funding Agency Guidelines

Many funding agencies require that grant proposals include a data management plan. While DMPTool (described at the top of this page) can be a convenient "one stop shop" resource of funder DMP guidance and templates for most federal funders, below are links to the agencies' websites themselves that separately provide official language guidance on their own specific requirements.

Budgeting for Research Data in Grants