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Student Resiliency & Wellness

This is the UNCW version of the ULAC Resiliency: Project Center LibGuide.

Project Overview

Project History

Funding for this project was awarded to ULAC (UNC University Library Advisory Council) by the NC Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) fund and distributed through the UNC System Office. ULAC received funding in summer 2023 to purchase the first set of system-wide perpetual access e-Books on Resiliency to have a common set of resources for all UNC System students, create LibGuides to promote these to student support units on campuses, and to provide classroom resources for affordability. Ebook records have been added to all UNC library databases and are accessible to students, faculty, and staff. In January of 2024, official work on the LibGuides began after adding two UNC School System MSLIS systems to the project. 

For more information about GEER, you can visit the online announcement for this project.

Project Goals

This project will create open LibGuides as templates that use an OER framework so that all UNC campus libraries can easily adapt the content to promote shared resources on student resiliency. Topics for these LibGuides are all related to Resiliency, such as mental health, physical health, and similar themes. In addition to materials purchased through this grant, we will integrate resources from NC LIVE. Libraries will be able to integrate their own local materials into the LibGuides, and we encourage librarians to partner with Student Affairs, Counseling and other student support units to create these. This is an ongoing project that will continue to develop over time, and needs your input! 

Video Introduction

Resiliency Project

Through this project, academic libraries have an opportunity to partner with campus units that serve college students with Resiliency and other mental health needs in a post-pandemic world. This project supports these needs by placing resources at student fingertips 24/7 on every UNC campus.

This LibGuide serves as an overview of the project, highlighting a core group of eBooks that were purchased for all 17 UNC system campuses along with those available those available through NC Live, offering recommended wellness resources for college students, and links to other LibGuides created to address specific topics under the Resiliency umbrella. 

Please note that this LibGuide will continue to evolve with this project and may be subject to change.

If you have any questions, you can locate our information on the Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Resiliency?

American Psychological Association definition: 

Resilience is the process and outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences, especially through mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility and adjustment to external and internal demands.

What is the Master LibGuide List?

For easier access to all of the Resiliency LibGuides, the Master LibGuide List has all of the project LibGuides in one location. To access the other LibGuides, locate the menu to the left and select 'Master LibGuide List'. The lists are divided by alphabetical order. Look through the tabs at the top of the page to locate the LibGuide template you are looking for!

What is under the 'Project Resources' Tab?

The 'Project Resources' tab is meant to provide extra support with integrating LibGuides at your library. Here, we will post trainings, training materials, and other information that is relevant to this project!