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HON 399: A Thesis Preparation Course

This guide informs Honors College students about the thesis writing process

First Draft of Thesis Proposal

One of the first things recommended you do is enroll in departmental honors.

The ultimate goal of this course is for students to produce a thesis proposal (8-10 pages) that is presented to the rest of the class at the end of the semester.

Generally speaking, a thesis proposal will include the following sections:

• Title page

• Abstract

• Introduction

• Thesis statement

• Literature Review

• Methods

• Work plan including time table

• List of references

• A copy of IRB application (if applicable)


How do I Access Honors Thesis?


Honors Project papers produced by UNCW Students through the Honors College are available in full text, online and searchable here

The original printed copies can be accessed in Randall Library, shelved outside of the Honors College offices on the 2nd floor of Randall Library, and in University Archives. Those printed before 1990 are available only in University Archives. They are arranged by year, then by author last name.