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UNCW Presidents & Chancellors

This guide will help researchers find information about UNCW's leaders from the school's beginnings as Wilmington College to the present.

Leaders of Wilmington College & UNCW

There have been 10 leaders in UNCW's history.

  • Four leaders had the title of Wilmington College president.

  • William H. Wagoner served as college president before becoming the first UNCW chancellor.

  • Rosemary DePaolo was the first (and so far, is the only) woman chancellor.

  • William A. Sederburg is the only interim chancellor. 

Photograph of T. T. Hamilton





Thomas T. Hamilton, President of Wilmington College, 1947-1949


Photograph of John T. Hoggard





John T. Hoggard, President of Wilmington College, 1949-1958


Photograph of William M. Randall





William M. Randall, President of Wilmington College, 1958-1968


Photograph of William H. Wagoner





William H. Wagoner, President of Wilmington College, 1968-1969 & Chancellor of UNCW, 1969-1990


Photograph of James R. Leutze




James R. Leutze, Chancellor of UNCW, 1990-2003

Photograph of Rosemary DePaolo




Rosemary DePaolo, Chancellor of UNCW, 2003-2011


Photograph of Gary L. Miller




Gary L. Miller, Chancellor of UNCW, 2011-2014


Photograph of William A. Sederburg




William A. Sederburg, Interim Chancellor of UNCW, 2014-2015


Photograph of Jose V. Sartarelli





Jose V. Sartarelli, Chancellor of UNCW, 2015-2022

Photograph of Aswani K. Voleti, 2022-

Aswani K. Volety, Chancellor of UNCW, 2022-