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Psychological Measurement And Testing

Psychological Measurement And Testing

Tests and measures are used in assessment and research and can take the form of surveys, questionnaires, instruments, scales, and more. Finding these materials can be particularly challenging. As you're navigating the resources on this page, note that:

  • No single database provides full-text versions of all tests or measures, so this means that you will likely have to look in a few different places to find them. 
  • Some researchers and test creators publish their complete tests in books and journal articles. Others have sold the “rights” to their tests to publishing companies, and now the publishers distribute (sell) the tests.
  • There are likely many options for relevant tests, depending on the people you want to study and what you want to learn about them.

Starting Points

Consider the following starting points when looking for tests or measures for your research projects:

  • Try the library database APA PsycTests, which includes the full text of some tests, instruments and scales
  • Explore test-specific resources to find commonly used and peer reviewed tests and measures using the resources listed in the box to the left. 
  • Identify tests you'd like to use by exploring reviews of tests using the resources listed in the box below. (Note that you will likely find the tests themselves elsewhere.)
  • Search for published journal articles that include test questions using the resources in the box below.

Reviews of Tests and Measures

The resources below do NOT provide copies of tests. Instead, they offer basic information such as the test name, purpose, population, scoring system, validity, price, and publisher.