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Native American History

This guide is intended to help the reader learn more about various federal government departments/agencies and the information they publish regarding Native Americans and Native American history

To establish the Native American Health and Wellness Foundation

Addressing the housing needs of Native American veterans with disabilities

Amending the Native American Languages Act to provide for the support of Native American language survival schools

A bill to establish a Native American-owned financial entity to provide financial services to Indian tribes, Native American organizations, and Native Americans

Development of native American culture and art : hearing before the Select Committee on Indian Affairs

Examining the federal government's mismanagement of native American schools

Native American sacred places : hearing before the Committee on Indian Affairs

National Gambling Impact and Policy Commission/Native American gaming

Native American voting rights : exploring barriers and solutions

Native American Child Protection Act

Securing educational opportunities for Native American college students : the Native American Education Act of 2012

Code talkers: contributions of Native American code talkers in American military history,

Recovery and preservation of Native American languages

American Indian and Alaskan Native Documents in the Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1899