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The Wilmington Coup D'état of 1898

Newspapers to Reference

The below is a list of Wilmington and North Carolina newspapers, historical and current, but please refer to related bibliographies, such as in David Zucchino's Wilmington's Lie, for additional sources.

Cape-Fear Recorder Charlotte Daily Observer
The Daily Dispatch Charlotte Observer
The Daily Journal Fayetteville Observer
The Daily Record Morning Post (Raleigh)
The Evening Dispatch New Berne Daily Journal
The Morning Star North Carolina Times
The Record Raleigh Gazette
Semi-Weekly Messenger Raleigh Register
Wilmington Daily Post Raleigh Sentinel
Wilmington Evening Dispatch Union-Republican (Winston-Salem)
Wilmington Herald Weekly Standard (Raleigh)
Wilmington Journal  
Wilmington Messenger  
Wilmington Post  
Wilmington Star  
Wilmington Star-News  

Linked here are newspaper databases and digitized newspaper collections with significant material applicable to 1898. Please note that coverage of the coup was broad and widely reported in multiple regional and national newspapers: