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Indigenous Peoples of Southeast North Carolina

A guide to Randall Library Resources for Studying the History of Indigenous Peoples of Southeast North Carolina and Beyond


This guide provides information on library resources useful for studying the history of the many indigenous peoples who have traversed Southeast North Carolina or called it home over the centuries. As you navigate these resources, you will find many United States and North Carolina government publications. Please note that many of these sources may not discuss the history of indigenous peoples from a standpoint of understanding and respect. That is not to say that these resources or not useful or helpful -- only that researchers must approach them with a critical eye, reading deeply to discern important information sometimes contained within them.

Also, when conducting keyword searches on older primary documents, you may have to try different terms -- such as "Indian" or "Native American" -- in order to find appropriate sources. You can also try different group names -- Lumbee, Waccamaw Siouan, Tuscarora, and Coharie, to name a few that have some connection to Southeast North Carolina.